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Helpful Jordanian Arabic Words

Arabic is an interesting, fun and sort of a difficult language to learn and to write. The words or accent differs from country to other Arab speaking country. Whether you are travelling for business or leisure knowing a few basic words goes along the way. While you don’t need to be fluent learning some words helps as you roam around Jordan.

Learn Arabic 2

Here are some words and phrases that might help you as you explore and meet people while on your tour.


Hello – Marhaba / Salam

How are you? – Keef halak? (to male) / keef halek? (to female)

Good / Fine – Kuwayes (male) / Kuwayesah (female) or Tamam

Good, thank God – Al Hamdulillah

Good morning – Sabah Al-Khair

Good evening – Masa Al-Khair

Good bye – Ma’assalamah

Hopefully – Insha’Allah

Thank you – Shukran

Thank you very much – Shukran Jazeelan

Welcome (answer to thank you) – Afwan

What is your name? – Shu Ismak? (male) / Shu Ismek? (female)

My name is ___   – Ismi ____

I don’t speak Arabic – Ana maba aaref ahkee Arabee

I speak Arabic a little – Baa’ref Arabee Showayya

How do you say that in Arabic? – Kief naqul hada bil Arabia?

You are welcome  - Ahlan Wa Sahlan

Please – Min fadlak (male) / Min fadlik (female)

Help me – Saadni (male) / Saadini (female)

Sorry – Assif

Congratulations – Mabrook

Wait – Dagiga

Yes – Nam / Aiwa

No – La

I / Me – Ana

You – Inta (male) / Inti (female)

He – Howa

She – Hiya

We – Ehna

They – Homma

Right – Yameen

Left – Ashmal

Straight – Doghri

Street – Shari

Circle – Duar

Hotel  – Fondoq

Mall/Store – Souq

Restaurant – Mat’am

Toilet – Hammam

Doctor – Tabib

Police – Shorta

Passport  – Al Jawaz

Car – Sayara

Tea – Shai

Coffee – Ahwe

Food  – Akil

Juice – Aasir

Water pipe – Argila

Sugar – Sokar

Milk – Halib

The Bill – Al Hesab

Invoice – Fatora

I want – Biddi

We want  – Bidna

Do you want? – Bedak (male) / Bedek (female)

How much? – Bikam?

This – Hada

That – Hadak

These – Hadol

How much is this?  – Bikam hada?

What is this?  – Shu hada?

Too Much – Kateer

Beautiful – Jameel

Nice – Lateef

Today – Al youm

Tomorrow – Bokra

That’s all for now, we hope you find it helpful.

Holidays in Jordan in 2015

Overview of the incoming holidays in Jordan.

Date Holiday Type
03 Apr (Fri) Good Friday Observance
05 Apr (Sun) Easter Sunday Observance
06 Apr (Mon) Easter Monday Observance
12 Apr (Sun) Orthodox Easter Day Observance
01 May (Fri) Labor Day National Holiday
15 May (Fri) Al Isra’wal Miraj Observance
25 May (Mon) Independence Day National Holiday
18 Jun (Thu) Ramadan begins Observance
18 Jul (Sat) Eid-al-Fitr National Holiday
24 Sep (Thu) Eid-al-Adha National Holiday
15 Oct (Thu) Muharram / New Year National Holiday
25 Dec (Fri) Christmas Day National Holiday

*Many shops, banks and other services are close during the National Holidays