• Do’s and Don’ts while in Jordan

    Posted on February 27, 2014 by admin in Blog, Infos.

    A short list of Do’s and Don’ts while in Jordan to help you to fit in with locals.

    The below list can help you in each step of your journey to get the most out of your experience.









    * Shake hands with someone whom you are just meeting. Don’t be concerned if Muslim women do not extend their hand to you if you are male. Some Muslim men may find it inappropriate if a woman shakes their hand.

    Eat finger food with the fingertips of your right hand. Avoid using the left hand for eating.

    * Remove your shoes when entering a home unless you see the resident has not taken theirs off.

    * Stand when someone enters the room or someone is being introduced.









    * Give alcoholic drinks as gifts unless you are very certain that the recipient drinks. Alcohol consumption is not common in Jordan.

    * Engage in public displays of affections, as this will offend those of Muslim beliefs. However, be aware that it is not uncommon for those of the same sex to hold hands as friends.

    * Interrupt or pass in front of a Muslim who is praying is a public place.

    * Openly eat food, drink, or smoke in public places during the month of Ramadan.

    * Say anything disrespectful about Islam, Jordan, or the King of Jordan.

    * Try to discuss or preach about any religion other than Islam. In Jordan, this is illegal.

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