• FAQs for Cruise Passengers in Aqaba

    Posted on February 20, 2013 by admin in Blog, Infos.

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    A) Where I meet the Petra Nights Tours representative?

    Our representative waits with the Petra Nights Tours signage close to the cruise exit door.

    B) What is the driving distance from Aqaba Port to Petra?

    You drive about 2 hours from Aqaba Port to Petra. If your tour includes also Wadi Rum, the drive from Petra to Wadi Rum is about 1.5 hours, and from Wadi Rum to Aqaba Port it takes another 45 minutes.

    C) How large are the distances within Petra Archaeological Site?

    The standard tour from entrance of Petra to the Siq, the Treasury, along the Street of Facades, the Royal Tombs to Qasr Al Bint is about 3.5 kms, and you have to walk the same distance back to the entrance. Due to the volume of walking and uneven ground, this tour’s not suitable for people with walking difficulties. There’s a lengthy walk, however you don’t have to complete the whole trek. Comfortable footwear is essential.

    D) There are any means of transportation inside Petra?

    Motorized vehicles are not allowed inside Petra. Each Petra ticket includes a short horse ride about 700 meters from the entrance to the beginning of the Siq with a horse boy. The number of horses is limited. So there is no guarantee a horse is for all visitors available, especially on cruise excursion days, when many travelers arrive at the same time.

    For elderly and handicapped visitors exists the possibility to rent a horse drawn carriage from the entrance to the Treasury and back. Each carriage can take maximum 2 passengers, and the rate is 20 Jordanian Dinar = 30 USD for this distance. The carriage from the entrance to the restaurant area and back is about 60 USD.  There are only 10-12 horse drawn carriages in Petra, so availability cannot be guaranteed. Please inform us in advance to increase the possibility of reserving one carriage for you. Kindly note that the horse handlers expect a good tip.

    Camel and donkey rides can also be rented from the Treasury on, but this has to be negotiated directly with the owners.

    E) Do I have a guide during the tour?

    For up to 6 passengers we offer an English speaking spot guide, you meet him in Petra. For the rest of the tour our English speaking escort will accompany you and assists you with everything. 7 and more passengers or other languages than English require an escorting guide from and to Aqaba Port, which is more expensive than the spot guides in Petra, because the guide spends more time with you.

    F) Can I combine Petra and Wadi Rum in one day?

    This depends on when your cruise docks and departs from Aqaba Port and the season. In wintertime for example sunset is about 17:00, and the Petra and Wadi Rum combination takes 10 hours.

    G) Will I be allowed to explore the area on my own?

    Yes, you will be allowed to explore Petra and Wadi Rum on your own, provided that you comply with the given time suggested to you by your escort. This is to ensure that you don’t have to worry in missing your ship.

    H) At which restaurant do we take the lunch?

    If your booking includes a lunch meal, it is usually booked at a restaurant close to Petra Archaeological site. You will enjoy buffet with a selection of international and Arabic cuisine. In some cases, when Petra is combined with a Wadi Rum excursion, we suggest a lunch box to save time. Excursions to Dead Sea include the lunch with the beach use at one of the Dead Sea Hotels.

    I) Should I tip my guide and driver?

    Tips and gratuities are not included on the tour cost. It is strictly optional and at your discretion. However, Jordan has a strong tipping culture and the personnel may expect a tip from you.

    J) What I have to bring?

    Comfortable shoes, camera, sun protection, if yo go to the Dead Sea swimming suit, rubber soles swimming shoes and a towel.

    K) Why you require an advance payment?

    When you book a tour with us, we spend time and effort for your arrangements. This includes for example a special permission to pick you from Aqaba Port, the reservation of driver and guide, who are just waiting for you on this day. So we have to make sure you are taking the tour by requiring an advance payment of minimum 25% of the total amount. This can be done by credit card payment or bank transfer.

    L) Why you need passport and credit card copy?

    Credit card (front page) and passport copy of the credit card holder are required by the credit card companies as fraud reduction measure, and we cannot process the payment without these documents.

    In case you decide to pay cash upon arrival, we need the passport copy of the credit card holder and the front page of the credit card as scam/fraud prevention. Occasionally we receive faked bookings, and the copies shall protect our business from out-of-pocket payments. If you choose to wire money on our bank account passport and credit card copies are not requested.

    M) Will you refund my money if I miss my tour because the ship is late or cannot make it into port?

    Yes. You will receive a full refund for your tour if you cannot make a tour departure due to a ship delay or a missed port call.

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