• Is it safe to travel to Jordan?

    Posted on February 25, 2013 by admin in Blog, Infos.

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    Is it safe to travel to Jordan?


    Jordan has the reputation to be a very safe and secure country by global and regional standards, and despite regional turmoil, Jordan remains one of the safest countries to visit in the Middle East. It is not only safe, it is also welcoming. This is the rule all over Jordan including Petra and Wadi Rum desert. If you intend to explore Petra’s upper parts, off the main trails, it is certainly necessary to hire a guide. A visit to Wadi Rum is the best way to experience the Bedouin culture, well know for the hospitality of desert dwellers, here applies the same rule, for excursions deep in the desert a guide is a must. On the contrary to the desert the capital Amman is characterized by bustle and often chaotic traffic, you have to be cautious when crossing streets, because pedestrian crossings are very rare.  

    Most of the Jordanians speak English quiet well, and are willing to help if assistance is needed. Visitors will feel safe and comfortable, in a small group or as solo traveler. The comments we receive from our clients are only positive, emphasizing that the Jordanians are friendly and hospitable people. Visitors are respected as guests and Jordanians are proud to show the attractions Jordan has to offer. Moreover, the country relies on the tourism industry for revenues, so the government takes safety of tourist seriously.

    In the course of the Arab Spring demonstrations are occurring, most likely after Friday noon prayers, especially in downtown Amman and in other towns like Irbid, Zarqa, Karak, Tafileh, Ma’an. Demonstrations are mostly peaceful, but like everywhere common sense shall be the rule. As a traveler you should avoid all protests and large gatherings of people.

    The vast majority of tourist visit Jordan safely and trouble free. The level of crime is low and not a serious risk although in crowded places visitors could be the target of pickpockets or petty thieves. Travelers should be more guarded in these areas and in all tourist locations in Jordan to lessen the likelihood of becoming a victim of petty thefts. We recommend, like everywhere in the world, keep important documents, credit cards and bags in sight at all times when making a purchase.

    For additional safety information you can check on various forums the opinion from travelers recently been in Jordan, or look at your own government’s travel advice before you go.

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