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    Wadi Rum desert, also known as Valley of the Moon, is one of the most popular destinations in Jordan. Located in the south of the country the protected area covers 720 square kilometers of dramatic wilderness with mountains, canyons, sand dunes and impressing scenery. Since June 2011 Wadi Rum is inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, due to its natural beauty and cultural significance, it has been inhabited since prehistoric times. Still today Bedouin tribes are living in this area. Fastest, but not environmental friendliest way to see Wadi Rum desert is by jeep, or better said off-road vehicle. Jeeps in Wadi Rum are mostly old pickup trucks with benches in the back.

    The drivers stop at the landmarks, you get out and explore each for a few minutes. Popular spots are the Seven Pillars of Wisdom, Lawrence’s Spring (named after Lawrence of Arabia), the Khazali Canyon with rock inscriptions, large sand dunes, the rock bridges Burdah and Um Frouth, Burrah Canyon, Anfashieh rock inscriptions, the ruins of a Nabatean Temple and sunset sites.

    Places to see varies depending on how many hours and kms  the jeep tour you want to avail.

    DURATION:                 HIGHLIGHTS:

    2 hours                        Nabatean Temple, Rum Village, Lawrence Spring, Khazali Canyon (30 kms)    

    3 hours                        Nabatean Temple, Rum Village, Lawrence Spring, Khazali Canyon, Little Rock Bridge (35 kms)

     4 hours                       Nabatean Temple, Rum Village, Lawrence Spring, Khazali Canyon, Little Bridge, Um Frouth Rock Bridge, Anfashieh inscriptions, sand dunes (50 kms)

    5 hours                        Nabatean Temple, Rum Village, Lawrence Spring, Khazali Canyon, Little Bridge,  Um Frouth Rock Bridge, Burdah Rock Bridge,  Anfashieh inscriptions, sand dunes, sunset site (60 kms)

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