Packing List Jordan

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Naturally you will take with you everyday items of toiletries and clothing. Just keep in mind, Jordan is a Muslim country and conservatively dressing is recommended, guideline is to cover shoulders and knees. The following checklist should help you packing other essentials. As a general rule, you should always try to keep the weight of your luggage to a minimum.

◊ Valid Passport.
◊ Airline Ticket.
◊ Money and credit card.
◊ Travel insurance.
◊ Itinerary with contact of Petra Nights Tours.
◊ First Aid Kit.
◊ Walking shoes, especially for Petra.
◊ Bag or daypack.
◊ Swimwear.
◊ Camera with batteries/charger.
◊ Hat or scarf as protection against sun and wind.
◊ Sunglasses and sun protection.
◊ Adapter.
◊ Notepad and pen.
For longer outdoor activities like trekking and camping additionally:
◊ Hiking boots.
◊ Water bottles.
◊ Covering clothes for sun protection.
◊ Warm jacket or sweater for cooler nights.
◊ Lightweight windproof jacket.
◊ Small towel.
◊ Insect repellent.
◊ Antibacterial handwash.
◊ Trekking poles.
◊ Sewing kit.
◊ Small padlock for your trek bag.
◊ Alarm clock.
◊ Torch.
◊ Plastic bags (not to be left in Jordan).
◊ Toilet paper.
◊ Lighter/matches for burning toilet paper.

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