• Travelers guide to Ramadan in Jordan

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    Travelers guide to Ramadan in Jordan

    Muslims worldwide are currently in the beginning of observing the Holy month of Ramadan. Preparations for the festivities are ongoing here in Jordan.

    To make your Jordan travel comfortable, pleasant and enjoyable during the Holy month we have come up with the below important info giving idea for foreign travelers to understand many cultural practices that travelers might not know.

    Travelers guide to Ramadan in Jordan

    Travelers guide to Ramadan in Jordan

    What is Ramadan?

    Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar, well known as the famous month-long fast of Islam. This month is important to the Islamic faith in which it is believed that God revealed the Quran to Prophet Mohammad. Muslims are encouraged to fast, donate to charities and study the Quran to promote self control, lessen dependence on material goods and create unity with the poor and less fortunate.

    Ramadan is a time for Muslims to reflect on their faith. They fast from sunrise to sunset every single day the whole entire month. Fasting is regarded as a religious duty and one of the Five Pillars of Islam.

    What are some of the Ramadan traditions?

    The tradition includes fasting between dawn to dusk, Iftar where they break their fast, referring to the traditional evening meal and charitable activities such as donating money, clothes and foods to those that are less fortunate.



    How long does Ramadan last?

    Ramadan lasts between 29 to 30 days, beginning with a new moon and ends with the next new moon.

    Things to know and expect during tour

    Opening & closing time of tourist sites during Ramadan

    All of the tourist sites are open during Ramadan. Take note of the time:

    Visitor Centers/Ticket Booth: 9:00 to 16:00. Visitors can stay inside the sites until 17:00.

    What to wear

    Be aware that dress standards are conservative and you should dress accordingly. To respect the local culture and for your own comfort, we strongly recommend modest clothing. As a guideline, shoulders and knees at the minimum should be covered.

    Monastery El-Deir

    Monastery El-Deir

    Eating in Public

    It is advisable not to eat and drink water in public places during Ramadan as a sign of respect towards people who are fasting.


    Dining at hotels

    Hotels serve breakfast, dinner, foods and drinks throughout the day during Ramadan as normal.


    Serving of Alcohol at hotels

    5 stars hotel serves alcohol during Ramadan to be consumed in their premises.


    Bar and Restaurant

    Several public bars are close during Ramadan unless they serve food but will not serve alcohol.


    Petra Nights Tours Working Hours

    PNT office working hours is from 09:30H up to 17:00H. Our Customer Service, and Emergency numbers is available 24/7 throughout.

    For any questions or  helpful idea that we can add to this post you can contact us by e-mail reservation@pntours.com

    Ramadan Kareem

    Ramadan Kareem

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