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The Heritage Experience Restaurant in Petra

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The family-run restaurant is open since April 2011 and like the name Heritage Experience hints at, the focus is on traditional Jordanian/Middle Eastern cuisine like Mezze, Mansaf, Maglouba and Kabsa. Distinctive feature is that only local women prepare the dishes and guarantee the original flavor. The products are fresh and bought locally, in spring and summer you can enjoy lunch and dinner outside in the courtyard.




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Horses, Camels and Donkeys in Petra

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When visiting Petra you have to be prepared for walking to be able to experience one of the great site in the world. For the ones who are less active, there are some possibilities to limit your efforts. First of all, the entrance ticket Petra includes a short horse ride from the Visitor Centre to the entrance of the Siq, the canyon. It is about 700 meters and the horse boy walks beside you, so don’t expect a canter. Important, the horse boys demand a tip.

Horse Ride in Petra

Horse carriage in Petra

Horse carriage Petra

There are also 10 horse drawn carriages in Petra, first and foremost for elderly and handicapped visitors. These carriages take maximum 2 passengers and operate from the Petra Visitor Centre to the Treasury and back. Keep in mind the Petra terrain is uneven, so it is a bumpy ride. The price is 20 JOD per carriage. Handicapped clients can also obtain a permission to go with the carriage deeper inside Petra, but an advance reservation is to recommend due to the limited numbers of carriages.

Inside Petra one can hire a camel or a donkey, price is a matter of negotiation with the owner and depends on the distance. There had been complaints about the maltreatment of animals in Petra. It is not a coincidence that the welfare animal organization, The Brooke, had a till 2010 a clinic here, now in the authority of the Ministry of Agriculture. So, by hiring one of the animals make sure it is in good condition and even don’t hesitate to criticize the handler when being cruel. The people live from the work of these animals and have to get the message, badly treated animal means no clients, so no income. Especially donkeys have a low status.

Camels as a transport in Petra

Camel as Transport in Petra

Donkeys in Petra

Donkeys in Petra

As we had over the years complaints about missing transport possibilities in Petra like motorized vehicles or – I read a while ago – even cable cars, a short remark. Keep in mind, Petra is a unique site, an amazing heritage, which has to be preserved for the generations to come, that is to say the fabulous, thousands of years old fusion nature and architecture shall not be destroyed for the sake of laziness.

Tawaheen Al Hawa Restaurant Amman

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The Taween Al Hawa is a large restaurant in Amman where you find locals and tourists alike. When the weather is fine it is best to sit outside in the large yard or even the rooftop. The menu offers wide variety of Middle Eastern cuisine like mezze, grilled chicken, kebab, seafood and much more. You will be surprised by the very friendly service; the restaurant serves no alcohol.

Tawaheen Al Hawa Restaurant

Middle East cuisine serving at the restaurant

Tawaheen Al Hawa Restaurant Amman

Tawaheen Al Hawa Restaurant Amman

Best time to visit Jordan

Have you ever wondered when is the best time to explore and see Jordan? As  a traveler you consider factors when deciding when to go to your dream holiday gate away destination. You check the weather condition, the best deals, all the possible itineraries that you can see and activities you can do while you are on your vacation.

Jordan though a small country has an exceptional kind of weather. Climate wise it is best to see and visit Jordan during spring and autumn. Spring season is from March to May while the autumn months is from September to November. The temperature is not too cold nor too warm just enough to enjoy walking and exploring the beautiful and historical tourist spot of the country. This season is also consider as the peak months as many tourist flock to see Jordan.

If you are looking for promotional deals the recommended months for you is during winter or summer. June to August are the summer months with long and hot days but cool evening especially in Amman.  December to February is the winter time, and the top winter destination in Jordan is the Dead Sea and Aqaba where the weather is more warm compare to rest of the country. During winter months there are  possibility of having a snow especially in Amman.

So when is it best to come to Jordan? In my opinion it is all year round and depending on what you are looking for.

Islamic Site in Jordan

Islamic Site in Jordan: The Blessed Tree

Near the town Safawi, in the area of Mafraq, east of Amman you can find The Blessed Tree. Here Prophet Mohammad met as a young boy Bahira, the Christian monk who foretold his career as prophet. The meeting happened in the shade of a tree, when Mohammad was traveling with a caravan from Mecca to Damascus with his uncle Abu Talib.Islamic Site

 We invite you to visit the Blessed Tree.

Wadi Rum Jeep Tours

Wadi Rum desert, also known as Valley of the Moon, is one of the most popular destinations in Jordan. Located in the south of the country the protected area covers 720 square kilometers of dramatic wilderness with mountains, canyons, sand dunes and impressing scenery. Since June 2011 Wadi Rum is inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, due to its natural beauty and cultural significance, it has been inhabited since prehistoric times. Still today Bedouin tribes are living in this area. Fastest, but not environmental friendliest way to see Wadi Rum desert is by jeep, or better said off-road vehicle. Jeeps in Wadi Rum are mostly old pickup trucks with benches in the back.

The drivers stop at the landmarks, you get out and explore each for a few minutes. Popular spots are the Seven Pillars of Wisdom, Lawrence’s Spring (named after Lawrence of Arabia), the Khazali Canyon with rock inscriptions, large sand dunes, the rock bridges Burdah and Um Frouth, Burrah Canyon, Anfashieh rock inscriptions, the ruins of a Nabatean Temple and sunset sites.

Places to see varies depending on how many hours and kms  the jeep tour you want to avail.

DURATION:                 HIGHLIGHTS:

2 hours                        Nabatean Temple, Rum Village, Lawrence Spring, Khazali Canyon (30 kms)    

3 hours                        Nabatean Temple, Rum Village, Lawrence Spring, Khazali Canyon, Little Rock Bridge (35 kms)

 4 hours                       Nabatean Temple, Rum Village, Lawrence Spring, Khazali Canyon, Little Bridge, Um Frouth Rock Bridge, Anfashieh inscriptions, sand dunes (50 kms)

5 hours                        Nabatean Temple, Rum Village, Lawrence Spring, Khazali Canyon, Little Bridge,  Um Frouth Rock Bridge, Burdah Rock Bridge,  Anfashieh inscriptions, sand dunes, sunset site (60 kms)

Travel Distance in Jordan

Curious about the distances between Amman Airport to the City of Amman? How many hours drive is Petra from Amman? How many km is Petra to the the desert of Wadi Rum? And other distances and travel time from one destination to the next in Jordan. To have an idea below is the table of the distances of major sites Jordan. Please take note that the travelling time is based on estimation, it can be change based on the the road conditions, traffic and other factors on the road.

Travel Distances Jordan
Amman Airport  -  Amman City 30 km Circa 30 minutes
Amman – Jerash 50 km Circa 1 hour
Amman -  Dead Sea 50 km Circa 1 hour
Amman – Allenby Bridge/King Hussein 60 km Circa 45 minutes
Amman -  Petra (Desert Highway) 260 km Circa 2.5 hours
Amman – Madaba – Mt Nebo – Kerak – Petra 320 km Circa 7 hours
Amman – Aqaba 340 km Circa 4 hours
Petra – Wadi Rum 130 km Circa 1.5 hours
Petra -  Aqaba 140 km Circa 1.5 hours
Wadi Rum – Aqaba 60 km Circa 45 minutes

Spice Shop in Downtown Amman

A spice is a dried seeds, fruits, roots, barks or other vegetative substances. The primary use of spice is for flavoring, preserving or coloring of food and to hide other flavors. They are different from herbs which are usually part of a leafy plants and used for garnish and flavoring. Use of spice is prominent in meat because of its anti microbial properties. Other uses of spice includes medicinal, cosmetics and perfume production and religious rituals. 

In downtown Amman, you can find numerous spice shops selling a varieties of spices, oils, teas, coffees and more. of teas, coffee, spice.The good part of it is they are not expensive and offers a lot of varieties to choose from. So if you are visiting Amman and you love spices do no forget to visit a spice shop in downtown and grab a handful or two of special quality spices and you won’t regret.




Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts Amman

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If you are interested in Islamic art, the National Gallery of Fine Arts in Amman is a place to go. The gallery is run since 1980 by the Royal Society of Fine Arts, a non-profit organization. According to them the collection comprises over 2,000 works including paintings, sculptures, photographs, installations and ceramics by more than 900 artists from 60 countries, mostly Asia and Africa. It is a rather small gallery with contemporary art, located in two building which are connected via a sculpture park. One building houses a permanent collection and the other building is used for changing exhibitions.  The National Gallery can be found in Jabal Weibdeh, opposite the area of King Abdullah Mosque, in Husni Fareez Street.

Opening Hours: 09:00-19:00 (summer) / 09:00-17:00 (winter), 09:00-13:30 Ramadan, closed Tuesdays & Fridays and on national holidays

Entrance fee Non-Jordanians: 5 JD

Jordan National Gallery 2

Jordan National Gallery 1

Jordan National Gallery 3