Helpful Jordanian Arabic Words

Arabic is an interesting, fun and sort of a difficult language to learn and to write. The words or accent differs from country to other Arab speaking country. Whether you are travelling for business or leisure knowing a few basic words goes along the way. While you don’t need to be fluent learning some words helps as you roam around Jordan.

Learn Arabic 2

Here are some words and phrases that might help you as you explore and meet people while on your tour.


Hello – Marhaba / Salam

How are you? – Keef halak? (to male) / keef halek? (to female)

Good / Fine – Kuwayes (male) / Kuwayesah (female) or Tamam

Good, thank God – Al Hamdulillah

Good morning – Sabah Al-Khair

Good evening – Masa Al-Khair

Good bye – Ma’assalamah

Hopefully – Insha’Allah

Thank you – Shukran

Thank you very much – Shukran Jazeelan

Welcome (answer to thank you) – Afwan

What is your name? – Shu Ismak? (male) / Shu Ismek? (female)

My name is ___   – Ismi ____

I don’t speak Arabic – Ana maba aaref ahkee Arabee

I speak Arabic a little – Baa’ref Arabee Showayya

How do you say that in Arabic? – Kief naqul hada bil Arabia?

You are welcome  - Ahlan Wa Sahlan

Please – Min fadlak (male) / Min fadlik (female)

Help me – Saadni (male) / Saadini (female)

Sorry – Assif

Congratulations – Mabrook

Wait – Dagiga

Yes – Nam / Aiwa

No – La

I / Me – Ana

You – Inta (male) / Inti (female)

He – Howa

She – Hiya

We – Ehna

They – Homma

Right – Yameen

Left – Ashmal

Straight – Doghri

Street – Shari

Circle – Duar

Hotel  – Fondoq

Mall/Store – Souq

Restaurant – Mat’am

Toilet – Hammam

Doctor – Tabib

Police – Shorta

Passport  – Al Jawaz

Car – Sayara

Tea – Shai

Coffee – Ahwe

Food  – Akil

Juice – Aasir

Water pipe – Argila

Sugar – Sokar

Milk – Halib

The Bill – Al Hesab

Invoice – Fatora

I want – Biddi

We want  – Bidna

Do you want? – Bedak (male) / Bedek (female)

How much? – Bikam?

This – Hada

That – Hadak

These – Hadol

How much is this?  – Bikam hada?

What is this?  – Shu hada?

Too Much – Kateer

Beautiful – Jameel

Nice – Lateef

Today – Al youm

Tomorrow – Bokra

That’s all for now, we hope you find it helpful.

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